Wrinkles of the face and forehead; hanging folds of the cheeks and chin are the usual complaints for which face lift is performed. Usually this can be performed as an out-patient procedure and occasionally may need 24 hour hospitalisation. Local or general anaesthesia is suggested depending on the extent of problem. Tightening of the skin after removal of the excess and loose skin is the principle of this procedure. Suture line is almost invisible in the hair line on the sides.

Mini facelift is a more recent procedure wherein nylon like material is used to pull the drooped skin of face through small needle holes on the sides of face in temple region.

Filler injection and mesotherapy are also performed to reduce the wrinkles depending on the need and individual choice.

Initial darkening of the skin due to blood may be noticed which may take 3 to 5 days to subside. This can also be done in the neck for the double chin and skin folds. The scar is hidden in the natural skin creases.

Laser dermabrasion is another alternative to face in which Laser is used to remove the wrinkles of face.

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