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Cosmetic Surgery Clinic is needed not only for the beauty, but for health reasons, so that the obesity related effects like diabetes, hypertension,stroke, heart attacks, jointpains, depression and social isolation are prevented for ever.

It is always best to prevent it by being carefull with the diet , exercises, lifesyle modification,since the teenage.But if it is the presenting problem ,still the body can be sculptured to the required shape and dimensions by cosmetic surgery so that the self respect of the individual is enhanced for leading a healthy , fit and natural life.

But it is an art , balancing the science of human body and the surgical skill of the surgeon so that the outcome suits the life style of the individual seeking the correction.It is only achieved by having the trusted relationship between the surgeon and the individual seeking the help , so that all the treatment modalities are explained and explored , leaving the final choice to the individual ,depending on the life style of the individual .the selection of the procedure and type of treatment plan should suit the individual needs . But what ever is the type choosen, the ultimate result should be based on the surgeon's skill to achieve the balance and harmony to the maximum extent leaving very minimal visible scars
 Day Care Centre
Salaja Cosmetic Day Care Centre is unique Surgical facility where surgery is done for a normal healthy individual who can be sent home on the same day with appropriate medication for the post-operative care. The selection of the patients for day care depends on their attitude, work commitments and life style. The patients for day care should be medically fit to undergo the procedure with no medical illnesses. Proper pre-operative complete medical and anaesthetic evaluation is done and if need be, will be hospitalized as and when required. The equipment, the safety and the care will be on par with the international facilities. The cost of the procedure will be atleast 20 % less than the average hospital bills without compromising on the quality.
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