In Aesthetic or Cosmetic Surgery almost anything is possible - like straighten the nose, re-shape the eyes, augment or reduce the breasts, suck out the bulges, sculpture the  waist and so on. All around the globe cosmetic surgery sometimes has become a necessity rather than a luxury in this beauty conscious society

SALAJA a wellness center to unwind and find solutions to all your emotional or for any stress related problems of everyday life.
This is the name given to raising the bridge of nose which may be
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Correction of Bat ears, Dome ears and also absent / deformed ears
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Face lift
Wrinkles of the face and forehead; hanging folds of the cheeks
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Bald Head
In men who have a receding hair line in the forehead either
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Breast Clinic

Breast reduction with scar
Breast reduction with minimal scar
Sagging Breast
Unequal breast
Scar less Breast Reduction

Now Opened at Vijayawada
All the Surgeries are done here

SALAJA a wellness center to unwind and find…

  Obesity (Liposuction)
  Breast Reconstruction
  Post Breast cancer treatment
  Tummy tucks,
  Facial Corrections
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