VASER Lipo Overview

Turn your work into a work of art with the VASER® Lipo System. VASER’s third-generation ultrasound technology enables the kind of accurate body sculpting that you and your patients demand.

As the industry’s only tissue-selective device designed to emulsify fat cells while conserving other tissues, VASER Lipo provides physicians the tool to effectively treat all types of fatty tissue with minimal surgeon effort and fast patient recovery. With this new level of versatility, you can perform a wide range of body contouring applications — from significant fat reduction to precise sculpting on all areas of the body.

VASER® – Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance – Lipo System is an impressive technology that maximises fat extraction without compromising the comfort and safety of your patients. It combines precision fluid management, controlled tissue-selective emulsification, patented probe design and proprietary cannulae. By selectively emulsifying fatty tissue prior to removal, the VASER Lipo System enables optimal control during procedures and reduces aspiration time and physician fatigue.

A Proven Technology

The effectiveness of Vaser Lipo System and ultrasound technology has been documented in many published articles in a variety of peer-reviewed journals and other trusted sources.

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